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The 401kMaximizer team provides powerful, easy-to-use newsletters to help the individual investor manage self directed retirement dollars. They specialize in helping employees of the airline industry, particularly American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United and Continental Airlines.

The web site is designed to be clean, user-friendly, and easy to manage. It includes a content management system so that the 401kmaximizer team can better manage and control the content. It also includes a membership management and e-commerce system so that their subscribers can pay online and access their subscriber-only newsletters.

More details on the site design can be found on the project page .

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Contact: Don Cranford
Phone: 703-972-9134 ext.201
Fax: 703-972-9132


“Before Katalyst completely reinvented our website, we were a slave to our previous webmaster. It took days or longer to get simple content changes made. And those webmaster assisted changes always resulted in an invoice to us. But now, our new Katalyst developed website allows even my admin staff to make these changes in realtime. We couldn’t be more satisfied!”
– Chris Jones, President
Carefree Office Technology, Inc.

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