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Type: Non-Profit

Location: Bethesda, Maryland (MD)

Organization Background and Goals:

Bliss is a non-profit organization run by Rabbi Stephen Baars and focuses of developing winning relationships, both for married couples as well as in the corporate environment. They provide seminars and workshops on marriage, parenting and relationship building. Their goals for the website were to:

  • Convey to the community who they are and their vision.
  • Provide relationship advice to couples.
  • Provide parenting advice to parents.
  • Provide information on upcoming events and announcements.

Katalyst Role:

For Bliss, we worked with D Banzon Design and Unifusion to redesign the site from ground up, using their colors, logo, and branding. We implemented a content management solution, to allow their staff to manage content on the site as well as manage their online calendar and online newsletter subscriptions.


  • Content Management System
  • Online Newsletter Subscription
  • Blogging
  • Site Search Capability
  • Events Calendar
  • Events Registration


PHP, xHTML, CSS, MySQL database, JavaScript

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Website: www.getbliss.com

Our Work

“Before Katalyst completely reinvented our website, we were a slave to our previous webmaster. It took days or longer to get simple content changes made. And those webmaster assisted changes always resulted in an invoice to us. But now, our new Katalyst developed website allows even my admin staff to make these changes in realtime. We couldn’t be more satisfied!”
– Chris Jones, President
Carefree Office Technology, Inc.

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